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Uranus/Mars/North Node of Destiny: Bravely Commit to Your Next Level

This exact conjunction has not occurred in 2500 years, and it opens a potentially life-changing dynamic energy that astrologers have been writing and speaking about for a long time. As always with cosmic currents, forces peak and aspect each other and although the effects are felt over time, there are times when one needs to be prepared for a confluence that can energize and reflect radical change.

New Moon Solar Eclipse: Focus, Aim, Trust Your New Light

This cosmic event offers us an opportunity to take the crucial next steps toward the reset we’ve been longing and working for since last year. Everything has been delayed, yet we kept on. Often exhausted, braving almost unbearably intense energy levels in a climate of anger, fear, polarity, and judgement, we kept on.

Gemini True North: Navigate New

This year we navigate challenging life currents that require new personal and collective strengths, innovation, and balance. Luckily, we have cosmic navigational assistance to help us understand the nature of the underlying themes which can guide us to new frontiers.

The Power of Retrogrades

Since ancient times, people have looked to nature and the cosmos for guidance and power, and depicted what they experienced in drawings and symbols that resonate with us still. 2020 began with astrological phenomena not seen for 500 years…