• Develop a Culture of Leadership

Dr. McCord helped us to envision, re-organize, develop and build a new organization.  I have relied upon her wise counsel and constellation of abilities. She has acted as leadership coach, organizational consultant, training and development curriculum designer and facilitator, and overall communication process expert.  Our organization benefited from her expertise in leadership and management development, as well as her business, organizational, and political acumen.

Organizational Consulting

Create a Leadership Culture

Engage Leaders at All Levels
Implement Processes to Support Performance

Strengthen Organizational Fabric

Identify / Communicate Vision, Mission, Values
Improve Performance Systems
Enhance Organizational Engagement
Improve Communication Materials & Processes

Develop a Learning Organization

Coach & Mentor Continuously
Upgrade & Customize Learning Materials
Make Learning a Priority

Dr. Clare McCord has over three decades of experience helping organizations grow and improve by developing leadership skills at all levels and engaging people in the ongoing process of communication and performance excellence.

Her experience consulting in a wide variety of organizational settings allows her to help leaders assess strengths and challenges quickly, and efficiently target, design and implement improvements as soon as possible.

Clare often serves as a change agent for people and organizations as they grow beyond old structures, processes, and norms to achieve new results. Clients have called her a “bridge to the future.”

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Clients understand that all information that arises in an individual or group session is intended for personal empowerment, and take full ownership of their process.
Sessions enhance awareness, balance, and communication within the body/mind, and are not a substitute for consulting with a physician or other healthcare provider.