Uranus/Mars/North Node of Destiny:

Bravely Commit to Your Next Level

On Monday, August 1, 2022 we experienced a once-in-many-lifetimes triple conjunction (or stellium) of Uranus, Mars, and the moon’s North Node (called the node of destiny or the future) at 18° of Taurus. This exact conjunction has not occurred in 2500 years, and it opens a potentially life-changing dynamic energy that astrologers have been writing and speaking about for a long time. As always with cosmic currents, forces peak and aspect each other and although the effects are felt over time, there are times when one needs to be prepared for a confluence that can energize and reflect radical change. This is one of those. But let’s be honest – aren’t we ready for this?

Final Release – Old Patterns, Beliefs, Activities, Relationships

So many of us have “had it” with the Old Systems and the way they operate. Importantly, we’ve outgrown the old systems within ourselves and our lives – beliefs, repetitive patterns, people, activities or even jobs that are no longer aligned with our true selves. Voila! Uranus, the Great Awakener, joins with fiery Mars and the North Node of Destiny in the typically stable and cautious fixed earth sign of Taurus to shake up all the aspects of our lives represented by Taurus energy – earth itself, the physical body, money, values and beliefs, possessions. It’s all about break down to break through – and although it’s not easy energy, we’ve known for quite some time that we are living in a demolition zone.

Having lived through several years now of intense energies we often thought would break us, we now face perhaps the most powerful catalytic energy so far. Will we command the power of our destiny or obey it? Uranus and Mars say – change can be easy or hard, but you will change! And, as we have said many times since 2020, there’s no going back.

Good News – Lots of Cosmic Support

Fortunately – there’s been a fantastic positive set up, which is very important. Remember we are in a much larger context of the breakdown of systems that began in January of 2020 with another famous conjunction or stellium of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter in Capricorn (sign of all well-established top-down systems), which also activated the Uranus energy of Revolution. Since then, we have experienced almost unbelievable shifts at internal and external levels, and watched the astrological mirrors and motivators. Fast forward to Tuesday, July 25, the so-called Mayan Day-out-of-Time which ended a 13-month and a 13-year cycle and ushered in a New Year to refresh everything. Think back 13 years from this date – what began then that has now completed? What have you already been releasing from those years?

Thursday July 28, we had not only the new moon in Leo, but also the official opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal, an annual phenomenon which is celebrated on 8/8 but takes place for several weeks, in which our planet aligns with powerful galactic energies from Sirius and other star systems, providing enormous downloads of light energy and codes that upgrade us at essential levels, regardless of our beliefs about cosmic influences. As always, we can choose to harness this energy and this year it’s enormous.

Start Using Your Super Powers Now

Significant themes of the New Moon / Lion’s gate are important to note, because they provide us with strength to navigate what’s ahead. Leo is the sign of courage and love – a heart-centered powerhouse, a sign of fixed fire, a steady blaze of will. This new moon lion power was amplified by Jupiter, stationing direct at that moment in the fire sign of Aries, the initiator and warrior. The sovereignty and power of the individual is featured and supported, and as Jupiter begins to retrograde, the emphasis moves inward – asking us to rely upon the bright truth and force within our hearts, and have the courage to awaken, free, and activate our super powers. What are yours?

We can harness the power of this rare Uranus, Mars, North Node conjunction by being courageous, open and ready to trust our version of ourselves at an upgraded level. Right now, many of us may feel tired or overwhelmed by our own life issues and the enormity of much of the news we see and hear. It’s a lot to handle but if we can get out of the vortex of media-induced stress, take time to rest, to center in our Lion’s heart, to connect with our sovereignty and activate our own creative lights – we’ll begin to see steps to the next level – for ourselves and for the world. Commit to this next level now – the cosmic currents say YES!!!

How to Harness the Energy

Right now is the time to debrief yourself and make a plan. You can start with:

  • What you are ready to release for good? (Hint: you’ve been saying this for years)
  • What you want to moderate or release gradually (this is OK!)
  • What are your superpowers? Skills, talents, passions, qualities that motivate and excite you when you use them. Some may be new, some may have served you in the past but are ready for an upgraded use. Prioritize the powers you feel are key.
  • Where are you underutilizing superpowers or not using them at all?
  • How could you use your key powers now – consult your heart – don’t rely on that left brain that may tell you “this is never gonna work” or “this has never been done.” Of course! That’s because it’s all NEW, so let’s give it a try.

Be fear-less – no limits on your possible plans! But to reduce stress and overwhelm, choose ONE way you want to begin using your priority powers and then go for it!

As always, if you’d like help to identify your superpowers and plan your new pathways I have access to a wide range of coaching and mentoring tools, and I am a certified facilitator for the DiSC and Meyers-Briggs Type instrument (MBTI) which can provide a clearer picture of your strengths.

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