Everything in life is a matrix of energy, from our bodies to our businesses, to the networks of relationships, families, communities and cultures. We can harness this matrix energy to upgrade the nature and quality of our careers, our health, our individual and collective lives.
The concept of the Matrix is familiar to all movie goers, of course, and pretty much everyone agrees that we are all connected by non-physical bonds, invisible but nonetheless real. Now it’s time to learn ways to work with these structures, to apply our knowledge of energy and consciousness to master this enormous natural resource.

From Invisible to Visible

Working with matrix energy proceeds from the same principle of consciousness as the Law of Attraction: that everything is energy and moves from invisible to visible results through intentional, consistent application of techniques which create active models of desired outcomes. We can learn to build and manage these models using methods that apply best practices from ancient and current knowledge, drawing on an exciting array of creative tools that engage our mental/emotional, consciousness and energy resources to get real results.

Steps to Master the Matrix

Mastering Matrix Power requires applying the power of our highest intelligence to work creatively within the field of consciousness and energy networks. Here are three essential steps:

1. Create Visible Models

Since we are dealing with invisible networks, the first step is to create visible models to work with. This can be a simple as a list of people in your family or work group, an organizational chart, or a pictorial depiction of your intended business or life goal.

2. Understand the Matrix System

Once we have a visible model, we use techniques to work with the system, its functions, quality, flows. If it is an existing matrix, we need to engage with its current and desired energies. If we are building, we need to craft the optimal connections.

3. Power Up the Matrix

Everything is energy, and each matrix has its own unique operating frequency, so we want to make sure it is set to function optimally. This step involves using techniques that call on our emotional and creative powers to produce often amazing, and even immediate results.

Real Matrix Results

The proof of Matrix Power is in real, tangible results. The following are a few results my clients experienced after private matrix facilitation sessions. While not all results are this immediate or dramatic, many are, and the power is undeniable.

1. A talented young woman was struggling with her new business start-up. She was an accomplished professional and had great contacts, but no matter what she did, she was unable to build her initial client base. We re-built her matrix, gave it a fresh start and energy. Two weeks later she called to say that she had her first TWO contracts which already exceeded her initial annual financial goal!

2. A client had experienced many problems in her family of origin. Her parents were divorced, siblings at odds or estranged and geographically separated. One sister in particular had been close, but she had sadly not heard from her in almost 20 years. The day after we healed the matrix, the client called excitedly to report that her sister had reached out and called her to reconnect. What a great reunion!

3. At work, my client was having lots of problems with a new boss, who had been hired in from another company. The boss was insensitive and difficult, and seemed not to “get” my client’s needs at all. We did the matrix work, and in the next session, the client reported that the boss not only treated her better, but had a meeting to listen and better understand how they could work more productively together.

The Magic of Matrix

On a personal note, my book, Human Renaissance, was completed a year after I finally did a full matrix session. I had been stalled out for years, making notes and writing sporadically, but never really creating the book. With the optimal matrix in place, I found I could implement my writing plan and produce text. I still had to DO the writing, but I could feel the energy, support, and power of the matrix helping me along. Sometimes the last one we think to help is ourselves!

I still receive emails from clients after matrix work with subject lines such as “massive change!” “What just happened here?” or “is this really magic?” I love that the magic of the matrix is available to all of us once we learn to work with the invisible energies that comprise most of our lives. I look forward to working with you and to many more emails and reports of Matrix Power.