A Renaissance of Human Power

I believe that it’s time for a Renaissance of human power – time to learn new skills, behaviors, and ways of thinking that can take us to the next level in our work, our lives, and our world.

My mission has always been helping people to be more powerful. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to act as a change agent – an educator and facilitator for individuals and organizations who are ready to develop new processes, programs or skills and create new results.

Communication, Leadership, Organizational Evolution

As a Ph.D. with expertise in all aspects of communication, I focused my business for three decades on workplace and leadership communication, developing curricula for universities and organizations, and providing executive coaching and consulting to a wide variety of organizations. Additional expertise in organizational development allowed me to assist leaders in facilitating positive organizational growth and change, defining and strengthening their human cultures by developing people’s skills and talents. Most essential communication and leadership skills are still not taught in our educational system, so continuing this work is crucial.

Mind/Body Awareness & Health

While pursuing my career in business, I also pursued another passion: mind/body health. A personal health challenge in the early 1980s catapulted me into the world of mind/body wellness and energy medicine, when these modalities were even less well-known or accessible than they are today. During my recovery and in the decades that followed, I studied many alternative approaches to healthy living, earning certifications in Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping), and BodyTalk, among other modalities. I was astonished that, as an educated person, I had no idea about my own innate body/mind abilities. No formal educational system included any teaching on our most valuable asset – ourselves. As an educator, I knew I had to address this, so I added this important work to my practice.

The Star Trek prologue asserted that space was the “final frontier.”
We are the new final frontier, with all our unexplored capabilities and power.

Clare McCord
From her book Human Renaissance

Human Renaissance® and Life Essentials

My explorations and discoveries motivated me to write my book Human Renaissance: The New World of Your Power. The thesis of Human Renaissance is that as human beings, we are born with an enormous array of mind/body capabilities that we are never taught about or trained to use. Once we discover and access these innate resources, we experience an expanded, happier, and more productive life.

I am still amazed at how little average people know about their most powerful innate abilities. There is still an enormous education and information gap. In 2018, I developed and launched a suite of educational programs to help people discover and access this amazing new world of ourselves. I call this series Life Essentials. The Life Essentials toolkit is always expanding as I discover more techniques and methods to better serve my audience and clients.

Enjoy my website, books and resources, and contact me if you’d like to explore ways to create a Renaissance in your organization, personal or professional life.