My mission is helping you to be more powerful.

In all aspects of my work, I am committed to service, to helping people learn, heal, connect, and evolve.

Now, I am pleased to offer my services to you.


Education is my first passion. I am a life-long learner who loves to discover and share new ideas as well as foundation knowledge. As a teacher and author, my goal is to transmit even complex knowledge easily and provide practical tools for everyday application. I believe that education is the key to freedom and transformation. Education is also key to developing the flexibility, creativity, and the spirit of exploration that we need now as we create a new future – a new Renaissance.


Great leaders have always inspired me. I have had the opportunity to study and work with talented leaders in education, business, healthcare and politics. As an executive coach and consultant, I have helped leaders to facilitate organizational growth by creating and strengthening cultures where leadership is a core value, developing individual and team skills to support high performance, especially in times of change.  As a community volunteer leader I have been an advocate for people’s rights and a liaison to local government, and I have brought innovations in communication and team process to organizations through decades of board service.


I believe communication is our most essential skill, but it has many facets.  We are always communicating – with ourselves, with others, with the environment around us.  Successful communication in any context holds the key to health, harmony and productivity. Especially in times of change, communication connects, informs and supports us so we can meet challenges with balance and perspective. My career focus has been workplace and leadership communication, developing programs, building processes and providing coaching and consulting to a wide variety of individuals and organizations.


Much of my personal journey has been focused on health, mind/body wellness and awareness practices.  After recovering my own health through alternative medicine, I committed to learning as much as possible about the vast array of resources available to discover and use more of the innate power we possess as human beings.  My book Human Renaissance describes my discoveries and invites readers to explore a new, expanded world of health, awareness and productivity through practical techniques. Extensive study and practice of wellness methods adds unique value for all my clients.

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Clients understand that all information that arises in an individual or group session is intended for personal empowerment, and take full ownership of their process.
Sessions enhance awareness, balance, and communication within the body/mind, and are not a substitute for consulting with a physician or other healthcare provider.