New Moon Solar Eclipse:

Focus, Aim, Trust Your New Light

Happy new moon and full solar eclipse in Sagittarius, exact at 2:43 a.m. EDT on December 4. This cosmic event offers us an opportunity to take the crucial next steps toward the reset we’ve been longing and working for since last year. Everything has been delayed, yet we kept on. Often exhausted, braving almost unbearably intense energy levels in a climate of anger, fear, polarity, and judgement, we kept on. Now we are asked to trust a bit more as the sun goes dark, that when the light returns, there will be a new clarity on the future we have felt and glimpsed. The lifted veil may also reveal previously hidden past issues so we can clear them. The key is focus and aim, hallmarks of the Sagittarian archer, and on trusting our own unique inner light to guide us steadily forward.

What’s calling you now?

A few themes emerge for me. First, this new moon eclipse is the end of a cycle that began in June of 2020 when the lunar nodes first moved into Sagittarius (south) and Gemini (north). What old beliefs or perspectives (Sagittarius) have shifted for you as you obtained new ideas, data, or were curious about new truths (Gemini)? What “automatic” patterns of behavior, thinking or feeling have already shifted, and what might still be lighting up to transform? What’s calling you now? We have journeyed through an immense crucible that transformed almost everything; we are ready for new.

Redefining Responsibility

Second, the cosmos supports our new focus (Jupiter, planet of expansion, rules Sagittarius) in a big way, and it’s OK if we don’t yet have all the details. In fact, that’s perfect. The old ways of thinking and doing place a ton of value on certainty but the past two years has taught us otherwise. Instead, we are redefining being responsible as being response-able – ready to release and adapt, keenly aware of new opportunities or ideas as they show up. So rather than rushing to nail things down, this new expanded focus asks that we aim to see what we might have missed using our old programs – that we resist temptations to “fill in the blanks” with old ways of thinking and perceiving. Then the new stuff lights up! The much-discussed Uranus (Great Awakener) Saturn (Stern Teacher) square adds tension and boosts this shift, and a Venus/Pluto conjunction transforms our personal and collective ideas about love, beauty, and worth.

What are you manifesting?

Finally, I believe we are being tasked to focus our thoughts and communication in much more positive, productive ways – create new patterns of internal and external expression. Mercury, planet of communication, is almost conjunct the sun and moon now, sending us a big Sagittarian message. What story patterns do we keep repeating that would be better retired permanently? Do we rehearse the woes or stories of others or ourselves, either internally or in conversation? Might that be holding us back or using energy we might free for creation? Especially right now, our thoughts and words can manifest whatever we intend. We just have to make sure we are aware at an upgraded level.