Leo Full Moon: Something BIG is Stirring and it’s YOU!

Sunday’s full moon in Leo, exact at 1:29 p.m. EST is called a “micro-moon” because it’s at the farthest possible point from earth, but that’s probably a blessing because the effects are surely not micro. This lunation packs a wallop because of its position in a challenging but exciting chart – a super-powered cosmic pressure cooker, specially designed to help each of us actualize our new selves, embrace our sovereign gifts, and bravely align with our missions and truths. Roar, Leo!

But How to Do All This Great Stuff?

Well, that’s still a little up in the air, cosmically speaking, but we are a lot more aware after all these wild years. We know we’re NOT going back, we know that we are more powerful than we were led to believe. We see new ways to do things, and we are hatching a plan. Nevertheless things may feel quite shaky – let’s take a look.

We know that every full moon presents an opposition where the reflected light of the sun in one sign challenges the moon in its opposing sign. Here the Aquarius Sun – all about the collective, innovation, the air-world of the Mind and science – opposes the Leo Moon – in the realm of fire, the ego, creations of the heart and the roar of personal power. Both are fixed signs too, so neither is naturally wanting to flex. The result is a tension of course. Add to this the fact that the lunation occurs at mid-sign – 16° which creates a mid-point, straddle kind of feeling of not being there yet but having left the shore too far to return.

Do You Feel the Pressure?

Now add the fact that Sun and Moon are both in square (the most challenging aspect in astrology) to our old friend Awakener and Revolutionist Uranus at 15° Taurus – also a fixed sign, all about finances, values, support. Now we have some pressure! Fiery, willful moon in Leo says “I want to create this fabulous new life, use my voice, make my mark” and reflecting the Aquarius Sun, she adds “in innovative ways, that can help everyone” and Uranus cheers her on, “Awake, wake the others! Leave that Old stuff behind!” The Taurus influence, however, is still very present – “How will you pay for this? Support these wild new ideas? Did you just lose your mind?”

The Special Guest Influencer

The special guest influencer in this lunation is the asteroid Pan, exactly conjunct Uranus, adding more spice to our challenge as well as more promise of vibrant life. Pan is the horned and goat-footed Greek god associated with fertility and quite a lot of wild romping about the Arcadian landscape, chasing various fauns and nymphs, playing his magic flute.
In this lunation chart, the exact pairing of the cosmic/archetypal Pan with Uranus in Taurus supercharges both the creative and disruptive effects of the square to our sun and full moon. That flute is playing in our souls – we feel the stirring of something really huge about to be created – and it feels good. But we may also feel overwhelmed – we may feel PANic (yep that’s a source of the word). The stirrings may also not be well-defined. In truth, many of us have not yet been able to see how all this materializes, but our intuition keeps saying we’re almost there. This full moon chart also provides more support.

Cosmic Support Is Available

First, the moon shines out in Leo – the sign of courage and the power of the heart while the Sun in Aquarius adds the power of the innovative mind – so if we can use our tools in a balanced way – success must follow. Second, Mars in Gemini provides a fiery boost for ideas and options, maybe especially because he’s now in a square to Venus in Pisces, where she supports greater reliance on the watery world of dreams and intuition. The triggering of this oppostion also calls for a balance between masculine and feminine energies and highlights the need for both internal and external action.

Third, Mercury, working his way through Capricorn, is about to meet up with Pluto, now at the final degrees of that sign, to have a deeper conversation about what thought patterns, stories or beliefs might be holding outdated structures and systems in place, what messages might be revealed to help with that deconstruction. All things new may become clearer on a large scale as Pluto glides into Aquarius for a visit (March 23 – June 11) giving us a preview before he takes up new residence there in January 2024.

We Are Really Moving

Finally, the full snow moon comes at the seasonal festival time called Imbolc, the celebration of the first stirring of new life beneath the cold ground, as sprouts begin to emerge through the snow. Imbolc reminds us that spring is coming and that the fire of life is busy creating under the surface.

There’s lots to dream and do, but now we are really moving. We have the Lion’s heart, our creative energy, increasing trust in our inner voice and new ideas to move us forward! Much love to all!

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