World-As-Video Tool

Whenever people or events seem to be getting to you, try this quick “re-set” technique I call the Video Tool. Think of the world around you as a video you create every day to show you various things you want to learn. The more important the lesson, the more emotion the video triggers – positive or negative. Thus, a person or event that really annoys or angers you is providing you with a huge opportunity!

If you can stop being annoyed or angry and just sit back and observe your video, what lesson do you see? When you hear yourself criticize some behavior, how might that be a lesson for you? Even just a moment to step out of the action and observe our life begins to reduce negativity, and reflection can provide immense insight.

After you have learned what you need to know, you might even want to change the channel for a moment. What scene would be best for you right now?

You can learn to optimize the power of your mind by consciously changing your view.

To read more about your video tool, see Chapter 8 of my book Human Renaissance. Enjoy!