Here is my gift for you

I’m excited to offer you what I consider to be the most essential resources that have served my clients and me, over the years.

If you’ve read my book Human Renaissance – you know that my passion is helping people to better understand and use more of our natural gifts, and to educate as many people as possible about self-care, about reclaiming and developing our power to be strong healthy and productive.

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Breathe Like the Buddha:
De-Stress, Re-Set

With each breath in and out, the entire body scans and balances itself, and conscious breathwork can help us get out of stress mode almost better than any other technique, quickly transforming our mood and our health.

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Take Time for a Pause

Studies continue to show that taking as little as 30 seconds out for a pause can increase our ability to think more clearly and creatively. I consider the Pause to be an absolute essential for productivity and health.

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What Steals your Energy?

What steals your energy? Do you find yourself feeling agitated, frustrated, angry or fearful during certain activities or drained afterward? How can you protect your sacred energy so you can use your gifts optimally every day?

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