Cosmic Currents

Welcome to Cosmic Currents, articles which will present perspectives and explorations on significant aspects of cosmic flow: not just lunar and planetary movements, but also the powerful forces of energy and consciousness which influence our everyday lives. Understanding these currents and their effects helps us to navigate these challenging times, as we discover and create a new world – a 21st century Renaissance.

Thanks to so many of you who have reached out to tell me how much you enjoy my Facebook posts for the new and full moons, and have asked me for more perspectives and information – here you go!

This year we navigate challenging life currents that require new personal and collective strengths, innovation, and balance. Luckily, we have cosmic navigational assistance to help us understand the nature of the underlying themes which can guide us to new frontiers.
Since ancient times, people have looked to nature and the cosmos for guidance and power, and depicted what they experienced in drawings and symbols that resonate with us still. 2020 began with astrological phenomena not seen for 500 years...
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