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Focus on what matters most

Consulting, coaching and workshops to help individuals and organizations excel.

Clare possesses a unique constellation of abilities. She is able to quickly define, articulate, and prioritize issues, and get to work on implementing necessary changes or innovations.

Karen AronowitzFormer President, United Teachers of Dade

Communicate to Facilitate Action

Interpersonal dynamics – listening & response techniques
Group facilitation – effective meetings & teamwork
Organizational communication – writing, speaking, motivating

Manage Energy, Not Time

Foundations of Energy Awareness & Techniques
Working with Organizational Energy Flows

Envision & Lead a Quantum Organization

Organizational Matrix Fundamentals
Creative Vision & Intuitive Leadership

Strategic Experience

Creating new organizational strategies during challenging times is a specialty!

Much of my organizational experience has been focused on helping leaders during times of high growth and change.

Three decades of hands-on experience have prepared me to spot issues quickly.

My business expertise combines with my interdisciplinary background to give me an expanded perspective so I can help you design and implement the most creative and future forward solutions.

Expert in

Professional Communication

Organizational Growth & Change

Adult Education

Leadership Dynamics

Educational Program Design

Mind/Body Health & Productivity

One-Page Resume

Client Engagement Snapshots

United Teachers of Dade, Miami FL

  • Facilitated re-vision of culture, mission, goals, and organizational structure
  • Designed / delivered staff and management training to support organizational goals of client service and interpersonal excellence
  • Coached and trained management team in all aspects of communication and managerial skills; team-building and leadership
  • Created /supported new formats for internal and external communication

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Miami Division

  • Evaluated leadership effectiveness in division, including survey and in-depth interviews of key leaders
  • Designed and delivered customized leadership coaching and training programs
  • Designed and coordinated Leadership Lecture series
  • Consulted in all aspects of leadership and management development

Offerle-Lerner AIA Architects & Planners, Miami FL

  • Designed, developed, and directed HR/OD initiatives during growth cycle; acted as Director of Organization Development
  • Developed and implemented communication training and coaching
  • Created, revised, and upgraded performance systems (recruitment, development, evaluation, individual and team motivation)

Snap-On Tools, Kenosha Wisconsin

  • Designed / delivered leadership, team, and creativity training programs
  • Assisted in development of national sales curriculum; coached trainers
  • Coached district managers in leadership communication

Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, Lake Forest IL

Adjunct Professor & Educational Consultant

  • Coached and trained executive practitioner faculty
  •  Designed and delivered quarterly leadership communication workshops
  • Created communication and organizational behavior core courses

The University of Illinois at Chicago

Program Director and Developer, College of Business
Assistant Professor, College of Liberal Arts

  • Created/administered College-wide required Business Communication courses
  • Trained and supervised PhD-level instructor staff
  • Taught courses in rhetoric, professional writing, business communication
  • Created /supervised internship program in business and professional communication
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Clients understand that all information that arises in an individual or group session is intended for personal empowerment, and take full ownership of their process.
Sessions enhance awareness, balance, and communication within the body/mind, and are not a substitute for consulting with a physician or other healthcare provider.